Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fly Fly Away

Hello again, my fellow nail lovers!
Hopefully everyone in the states had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, and your nails made it through all of that cooking and mingling. Keeping on the subject, mine did not :(. I can't begin to explain how sad I was with the condition of my nails, but when working at a job that sees its busiest times during the holidays... you don't get too much down time to preen. Working 13 hour days up until the day before the fat turkey sings is quite the downer especially when you wake up on the day of Thanksgiving to half of your color on one nail totally chipped off and no time to fix it. Someone had to make the green bean casserole!

Aaaaannnyway!! Like I said, I hope you all experienced a different situation and your nails were the shining stars this past week. To change my sad demeanor (once I actually had time to paint away), I decided to go with a color that was keeping with fall hues yet had some spice to it. Surely others have done this, but I just needed a pick-me-up! What better way to do that than paint your nails with this color. It's so fabulous and the name truly does suit the color.

My Private Jet!
If anyone else had the mayhem ensue like myself, post your story!! It's always nice to know you're not alone. Also if you have the opposite! I love hearing about the great compliments people get on their nails!


  1. What do you make of OPI's sale to Coty?

  2. I did My Private Jet for the new year, & I reallllly love it. love your blog.

  3. What a perfect color to ring in the New Year with! Great Choice and thank you so much!