Monday, November 15, 2010

Lots of Room for the Blues!

Ski Teal We Drop
No Room For the Blues
What's With the Cattitude?

Hopefully you have all watched my little tutorial. Again, sorry about the sound delay and that it's in parts but if anyone knows how to fix those things (no, I don't have a Mac :( ) Please please feel free to comment!! This is my finished product from the tutorial!

My thought process behind this was for my amazing boyfriend who is a former collegiate swimmer for Michigan. He loves blue (he wears it all the time) and was constantly in the water, so I thought it might be nice to do colors that he would really appreciate :). I also did all blue because I told you guys how "blue" I was when the videos weren't working. Maybe all I needed to do was match my mood, then the fates would let me have things my way ha! I hope you guys enjoy and any feedback is appreciated ("but don't get crazy")

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