Friday, November 12, 2010

Let the obsession begin

Here are all of the pictures I have taken of my nails. This will bring us up to present and then hopefully I can start writing a caption or few with each picture to take you through the possible process, or just what I happened to be thinking when buying or apply the little gem of color.
If by some amazing miracle, someone looks at my blog and wants to know the color names of these past pictures, please comment and I will let you know. I would just take too long now and I want to get all caught up :).


  1. Hi! I've seen all of your pics on the OPI FB page & congrats on starting a blog! what color is the minty green you have on ur toes in the 17th pic from the top?

  2. Lol that's is actually my best friends toes that I did. The color is Gargantuan Green Grape

  3. I want to know what colors you're wearing in these pictures. I think I own most of them, but not sure on a few.

  4. @underhand. I would be more than happy to give you a list of the names, but there are quite a few here so if you have specific colors you're questioning could you let me know which they are? That way, I could get you a list a lot faster :)

  5. Alright.. I want to know the colors of #'s 4,6,7,9,11,14, and 48. I love all of them, but it is so hard to tell through the pics if they're the same colors I think they are. I have 145 bottles of nail polish (I know... I have issues) and where I think I own most of what you're wearing.. I'm so OCD, I want to make sure. I love this blog! I'm totally addicted! Oh, and congrats on winning the marbling for opi.. you're nails looked amazing!

  6. @underhand,
    #4: Pinking of you
    #6: Koala Bear-y and Charged Up Cherry (on middle finger)
    #7: Mad As A Hatter
    #9: Ski Teal We Drop
    #11: Suzi Skis In The Pyreneese
    #14: Fiercely Fiona
    #48: Glitzerland, Alpine Snow and Ski Teal We Drop.

    Thank you SO much for reading my blog and commenting!!!

  7. wow... you have a lot of colours.. iam very impressed :-) .... i have one question..: when you take a light colour.. how mane times do you need until it covers? .... greets

  8. @Iris, usually OPI only needs 2 coats of polish. On rare occasion I will apply 3 coats but not out of necessity, only because I'm trying to achieve a specific saturation. There are; however, some colors that look great with just one coat. If you look at my most recent post (1/9/11) That is only one coat of polish.