Saturday, November 13, 2010

Match You Manicure!

Alright, so I have never really been the type to match my nails to my outfit. Some might think that would be a totally reasonable option for me because I do my nails multiple times per week, but if you already have a color on, why repeat it... right??? Some of you may disagree, and I totally understand the logic behind bringing an outfit together, so when it happens (by chance) I can't say I mind.

Even though I'm not a huge follower of the whole "matchy-matchy" deal, there are still some fun ways to match your manicure. (Keep in mind, this is all my personal opinion. I'm sure any choice is the right one as long as you like the way you look).

Number one: Try not to over use the color you're matching. As you can see in the picture my polish only matches one item of clothing. Personally, I feel when you get tooo matchy matchy (in my eyes) you start to resemble any fruit of that color. (example: blueberry, apple, banana, you get the drift).

Number two: Try a slightly different shade of what you're matching. My polish has more of a pink/red tone than the skirt which is nice if you don't want your nails or article to get drowned out. You want people to notice that your nails and article of clothing are two separate things :)

Last but certainly not least... I always like to throw in a small splash of color that doesn't show up anywhere else in the outfit to avoid the whole fruit doppelganger effect. In this case, my fun little birdie ring :)

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