Friday, November 12, 2010

My first blog

OPI, this is for you!!! Recently I was contacted by OPI to be a part of their 2011 calendar. Naturally I freaked out and jumped through the ceiling out of sheer bliss that the company that feeds my obsession would seek me out! After the roofing company left (my first joke ha) and speaking to a really nice girl that works for OPI (YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!!), she suggested that I start a nail blog. (The lights turn on and the heavens open up) huh.... how come I never thought of that? So here I am, a 23 year old young lady hopelessly obsessed with OPI sharing my love with all of you. So, there you have it. Ok, lets get this bad boy started!

The pictures I will be posting will be pictures I have posted on FB in the past until we get caught up with present time. Ya know, these OPI people really have it down. I made an album on FB but never thought to have my own blog... way to go guys!
Lets start off with my collection (which has grown since being taken. I will update in the near future)


  1. You are so lucky you got chosen to be in thier calendar..I so want to be part of that. Would die and go to heaven..
    How do we get their calendar anyways?
    Love the collection

  2. I'm not really positive how you get one if you're not a nail tech, but I bet if you go to a nail supply store and ask for one or maybe purchase one, they may let you?? Not too sure, sorry.